Will Kim Dotcom be extradited to the US to face copyright charges?

September 1, 2012


And I don’t think the USA actually wants him to be.

The case here in New Zealand has been delayed to March next year.

I am embarrassed to be a New Zealander today. Our National government is playing lapdog to the FBI.

New Zealand police conducted surveillance on Kim Dotcom, his family and associates for months prior to the January 2012 commando style raid on his home and his arrest. They knew that he was planning a trip to the United States later this year. It is now August. If they had waited they would have probably had him by now.

They would have known at the time of his arrest that an extradition would be a lengthy legal process and would probably not happen within 6 months. So the quicker route to actually getting him in custody within the United States would have been to exercise patience and wait for him to go to them. But they did not.

So why?

I can only conclude that they don’t actually want him in custody within the United States because then the case would actually be heard within a United States court. And then the US government may lose based upon case law (YouTube vs Viacom, 2007). So this is a delaying tactic. Why?

Again I come back to the immediate effect of Kim Dotcom’s arrest. Megaupload was immediately shut down, his funds were seized and he was thrown in jail. The biggest part of this was the immediate and continued shutdown of Megaupload.

What was on Mega’s servers that the US government does not want anyone to access or see (except themselves)?


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