“Occupy Wall Street”

October 23, 2011

I’m following the OWS movement with interest. Mostly, so far, with reading responses on various blogs because the small town I live in is way to small to have any protest. It’s full of retired people and holiday homes anyway.

I concerned that the focus is on corporate greed and the gap between rich and poor, without adequate analysis of WHY this is so. Because these are outcomes of how our economy works, they are symptoms of the illness and not the root cause of the illness. And if you don’t understand the cause then you’ll be unlikely to find an adequate cure.

I’m completely in agreement that the gap between rich and poor is something which is unjust and unsustainable. It’s undemocratic. When the gap gets too large, and the unemployment rate too high, this is destabilising for society. A stable society is a less violent society, and generally a better place to be. So social stability is a desirable thing to aim for. Currently, we are seeing a trend towards less stability.

I think that OWS may be just the start of something bigger. And I have a glimmer of hope that something better eventually may be built from the ashes, unfortunately in order to make ashes you’ll have to have fire. It may not be pretty at the bottom of the curve.

I hope that we can understand that the structure of the monetary system itself is the root cause of our huge gap between rich and poor. I don’t think it’s the ONLY cause, but I think that it is such a major factor that without change of this system any other change is just tinkering around the edges.

We need an interest free monetary system where money is not based upon debt, but productivity. I wonder if this is being discussed and considered by those involved in OWS?

I wonder also as the movement grows, whose voices will be heard? Will this again be taken over by white guys? I see many women and POC involved at this stage, and some of their voices are being heard. The Arab Spring also seemed to have a large proportion of women involved. Are their voices part of the new structures too?

*thanks to Jen Corbett for using creative commons licence on Flickr