Atheist Meme For The Day

October 13, 2009


Atheism is not lonely. It is no more lonely to ponder on our neurons making up thoughts about the proteins communicating within our cellular structure, than it is to kneel inside a wooden structure with hands fervently clasped together and speak to an imaginary someone who never answers back.

As science reveals more of our biological processes I am enraptured with the simplicity and beauty of it. But just because it is beautiful and simple in its complexity and beauty, does not mean an omnipotent being had to create it.

Anyway, if your head cannot get around the concept that nature just is, how can you comprehend the idea of God? How did God come to be? Has he always existed? Like infinity? Why can it not be that matter and energy just have always existed then? Same concept of infinity it seems to me.


3 Responses to “Atheist Meme For The Day”

  1. Ibraheem said

    Hello friend, I was looking for images of population growth models and I stumbled upon your blog.

    The problem with not believing in a Creator is that in order to do that, you have to believe that at some point something came from nothing, which is impossible. To say that matter and energy have always existed seems too arbitrary. What indication is there that they are eternal with no beginning? There are indications, both logical and scientific, that suggest that the universe had a beginning. There are indications that there is something in control, something that sustains the universe and enforces its laws. Laws cannot define or enforce themselves. There is good reason to believe that there is infinite beyond the finite and measurable.

    If one believes in a Creator, it is not difficult to then conclude that He must be eternal and uncreated because you know that He created the entire universe from nothing. Something created cannot have such power as to create something from nothing. What has the universe “done” to indicate that it is uncreated? Only an all powerful Creator can bring existence from non-existence and only the Creator can remove things from existence to make them no more.

    Furthermore to disbelieve in God is to disbelieve in many other things. For one it is to disbelieve in justice, for there are many a murderer and criminal on the loose and never held accountable. And there is many an innocent man in jail as I type this. And there are many who have been brutally oppressed by other humans their entire lives and died that way. You can choose to accept this as the grim reality of existence or you can choose to believe that one day justice will prevail. There is something inside us (at least many of us) that says surely one day justice will prevail.

    I for one do not believe that God is imaginary, but to believe that the universe either came from nothing or has simply always existed is imagination and conjecture at its fullest extent.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this if you have and have a nice day.

    • Orinoco said

      To not believe in a god I do not need to believe that at some point something came from nothing. Belief in god is not a prerequisite in understanding the concept of infinity. One can exist without the other.

      Your argument seems to condense to: to say that matter and energy have always existed seems arbitrary therefore God-Did-It.

      What I don’t get is you argue that matter and energy cannot just exist, that they had to have a creator, because you cannot comprehend infinity. However, your creator has just always been, always existed, so how come you can get your head around infinity for one idea but not the other??

      Your last paragraph though really pisses me off. Just because I don’t believe in God does NOT mean I don’t believe in justice. I have an extremely well considered and finely honed sense of justice, I live my life in as morally sound a way as I can and I teach my son the same. Believers in an omnipotent deity do not have a monopoly on believing in justice. You do not need to believe in an omnipotent deity to live a morally good life.

      I could argue quite the opposite actually. People die and kill in the name of God. If there was less religion the world would be a better place.

    • Orinoco said

      One last point:

      “The problem with not believing in a Creator is that in order to do that, you have to believe that at some point something came from nothing, which is impossible.”

      so where did your Creator come from? who / what created the Creator?

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